My hotspot shows that I have a 20 GB limit. I thought this was an unlimited plan?

My hotspot shows that I have a 20 GB limit. I thought this was an unlimited plan?

So, you must have the new T9 hotspot.  It is awesome and is able to take advantage of the newest technology from T Mobile, all designed to make your internet experience faster and better.  So, about that data meter…it says that you have a 20GB limit on your data usage but you don’t.  Your plan is absolutely unlimited and we have confirmed that again and again with T Mobile.  The T9s came with the meter on them preconfigured but you can change it easily if it bothers you.  Just go to a web browser and type in while you are connected through the T9.  That will take you to the settings for your hotspot.  You will have to enter a password – if you haven’t changed it, it will be “admin”.  You can do all sorts of cool things there (if you aren’t sure don’t change it!) and one of them is that you can turn the usage meter off or change it to 50GB if you want to.   But just know that it won’t affect how much data you have and is just there for information. 

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