What is the 'Pay Over Time' feature on the Fees Module?

What is the 'Pay Over Time' feature on the Fees Module?

The 'Pay Over Time' feature allows the Payer to pay their fee off over a specific time-frame. You  will need to include the deadline (expiration date) for the last payment to be paid. The 'Pay Over Time' feature allows the Payer to choose the frequency of their payments:  weekly or monthly and it auto drafts the payee's account.

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    • What does 'Public Fee' refer to in the Fees Module?

      The Public Fee is mainly meant for Fees that the general public will be paying and fees that are not tied to students. This toggle button should remain on red unless the user is setting up a fee that the general public will pay.
    • Can I pay Fees for multiple students at one time?

      A payer can pay multiple fees for ONE student at a time; however, the system will not allow for paying multiple fees for multiple students at a time. A payer can only key in student information for one student at a time when paying fees.
    • How do I refund a fee that I created?

      **NOTE: The fee that you want to refund MUST have the 'Request Refund' option enabled, at the time it was created, in order to request a refund.** 1. From your dashboard, locate the 'Fees' tab on the blue panel on the left and find the sub-menu 'Fee ...
    • How do I add a fee to my Fee List?

      If you are a School Level user or School Administrator, skip to the section after step #11. If you want to import an Excel file for your fees, refer to this article: How do I import a fee using an Excel file? District Level users begin here... 1. ...
    • How do I know who has paid a Fee?

      From your School District's Dashboard: 1. Locate the menu item 'Fees' and then click on the sub-menu 'Fee Payments'. 2. Use the search function in the upper right portion of your screen to locate the Fee you are searching for. 3. Once you have ...