Where do I find my WiFi password?

Where do I find my WiFi password?

We get it - there are way too many passwords to keep up with!  So, it is inevitable that just about the time you really have to get on the internet, you forget the password.  Fortunately, there is an easy fix for that!

If you have an Alcatel Linkzone 2, you can either look on the slip of paper that came with it or, if you can't find it, just take the cover off, pull the battery out and take a look underneath it.  It is right there.  But make sure and grab those reading glasses - the password is really tiny.

If you have a Franklin T9, you can just press the power button a few times and it will show up on the lcd screen.  Really easy!

Still having trouble?   Just give us a shout and we can help.

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